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If no staff is online, our Discord server is the fastest way to get help. Many of us are on Discord even when we are not in game. If you are interested in applying for a staff position use the form below to apply. This is required so that we can contact you by email.
Cleric/Moderator Application
  • Must be at least 14 years old.
  • Must be an active voter in-game and reach the voting rank of Mercenary.
  • Must be able to access and use the public Discord server to stay in touch
  • A email account is required.
  • Must have an appropriate username.
  • Must be sociable and friendly with the staff and players.
  • Familiar with or able to learn staff commands and abilities.
  • Able to be mature when handling situations as a staff member.
  • Able to be an frequently online.
Druid/Builder/Command Block expert. Application
  • Same requirements as Cleric/Moderator plus the following.
  • Must be honest and trustworthy.
  • Must demonstrate past building experience and skills.
  • Can actively participate in builder activities.
  • Must be trustworthy.
  • Images of your work may be posted on discord in the #general section.

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