Important News

Pic of the week.

July 25, 2017 The Website Home page now contains a screenshot of the week and a picture gallery (scroll down). This is in preparation for the upcoming Post your Pics contest. Details will be announced soon.

1.12 Server Update.

July 1, 2017 The KiqsRocks Minecraft Server is now be running Minecraft version 1.12. We have also completely replaced the voting ranks and rewards.

1.12 Server Update -- NO MAP RESET.

June 18, 2017 Scheduled for July 1st., The KiqsRocks Minecraft Server will be running version 1.12. See complete details on the forum.

Were Growing

May 6, 2017 We've made many new friends in the last month, and many old friends have joined. Our Discord and Minecraft Servers are now connectioned. You can chat with your friends in game using the Discord app on your phone or tablet.

KiqsRocs Is live

March 28, 2017 The server is now live and you can /vote to rank up and receive rewards.

New Map for 1.11

Feb 15, 2017 We will never reset this map. Instead the world border will increase with every major Minecraft update. Warps into the wilderness are provided and will be moved further out with each reset.

As you play and vote, your claims blocks increase. You daily vote counts towards higher ranks. Ranks can not be purchased and are awarded so everyone has the same chance of getting higher ranks. However, claimblocks and other perks can be purchased.

Top Voter

The Top Voter each month will receive a $20 KiqsRocks Coupon. Monthy votes are counted separately from the over all votes that apply toward your player ranks.